This topic explains how to configure and apply the Header Data Bank tool that extracts headers from one message and makes them available as parameters in another. Sections include:

Understanding Header Data Bank

The Header Data Bank tool enables you to extract values from HTTP and JMS headers from one place and use those values in another place.  

The Header Data Bank enables you to:

  • Use a header value from the SOAP response of Tool 1 as a parameter in the SOAP request of Tool 2.
  • Take a value from the header of an incoming request and use it to set a value in the response.

The Header Data Bank tool can be chained to any other tool that outputs HTTP or JMS headers. It can extract values from the HTTP or JMS header and makes that information available for later use.

Configuring Header Data Bank

To configure the Header Data Bank tool:

  1. Ensure that you have a 

    test suite or set

     with at least two tools.

  2. Right-click the node for the tool associated with the data you want to extract 

    (e.g., if you want to extract a value from an incoming request or outgoing response, choose the Message Responder that handles those messages)

    , then choose Add Output.

  3. In the Add Output wizard, indicate where you want to extract the value from (e.g., Response or Request Transport Header) and click the Finish button. A Transport Header> Header Data Bank node displays in the Tool 1 branch.

  4. Double-click the Transport Header> Header Data Bank node. The following Header Data Bank operations display in the right GUI panel.
  5. If using the tool in Virtualize, click Add Header to add a default header. You can select the values added to these columns and click Modify to change the default header name.

    If using the tool in SOAtest, right-click the main test suite tree node and select the Test Using ’Example Configuration’ from the shortcut menu to initialize the Header Data Bank and verify the available headers.

  6.  To extract a header, select the Extract tab and complete one of the following:

  7. To alter a Header, select the Alter tab and complete one of the following:

Using the Extracted Value

After adding and/or modifying the extraction, configure the header values and properties (in the Headers tab) that you want to use the extracted data. 

Set the value to Parameterized, and choose the appropriate item from the drop-down. For example, if you saved the value to the "MyVariable" variable, you would select it as follows.

Viewing the Data Bank Variables Used During Test Execution

You can configure the Console view (Window> Show View> Console) to display the data bank variables used during test execution. For details, see Monitoring Variable Usage.