This topic explains how to configure the Traffic Viewer tool that displays the traffic (request and response) for the tool to which it is attached.

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Understanding the Traffic Viewer

Each time you run a tool, SOAtest will automatically record the traffic to and from the designated endpoint. The Traffic Viewer tool helps you to manage and visualize the requests and responses associated with each tool. The Traffic Viewer can record multiple instances of traffic that correspond to each tool run.

Using the Traffic Viewer Tool

After a tool is executed, double-click the Traffic Viewer node beneath the test to view that tool’s traffic. The following components are available in the Traffic Viewer tool:

For client and stub tools, you can view the request and response body via three different tabs:

If the Traffic Viewer is attached to a DB tool and a "SELECT" statement is executed by the DB tool, the Response area will show a table that contains the results of the DB query. 

When a DB  tool executes multiple SQL statements and the response includes multiple result sets, you can use the combo box (above the table when there are multiple result sets) to determine which result set’s traffic is shown.

Here, the traffic viewer is showing the results for result set 2:

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