Exporting and importing repositories is helpful for data backup and restoration, as well as for sharing repositories across the team. For instance, if one division wants to import a snapshot of the repository at a given time, then extend it in ways that don’t impact the rest of the team, this can be achieved by exporting the desired snapshot, then importing and extending it independently of the original repository. 

Import/export is not available for data repositories on the embedded Data Repository server. 


To export a repository:

  1. In the Data Repositories view, click Export Repository.

  2. Specify where you want to save the JSON archive that will be created.


If you import into an existing data repository, all existing data will be erased before the import is performed.

To import a repository:

  1. In the Data Repositories view, select the repository where you want to import the exported repository archive file.
  2. Click Import Repository.

  3. Specify the location of the JSON archive.