Windows Installation


To install the C++test Eclipse plugin into RVDS on Windows:

  1. Run the C++test plugin installation executable.
  2. Choose the setup language.
  3. Click Yes when a dialog asks whether you want to install C++test.
  4. Click Yes after you have read and agreed with the license information.
  5. Choose the ARM Workbench IDE for RVDS 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, 4.1 as the plugin base IDE, then click Next.
  6. Enter your RVDS installation directory, then click OK. The typical installation location is c:\\Program Files\\ARM.
  7. Enter the desired destination directory for the C++test Extension files, then click Next.
  8. Close RVDS if it is open, then click OK to close the dialog reminding you to close this program. C++test will then start copying files and installing the necessary files into the workbench. A dia-log box with a progress indicator will open and indicate installation progress. When the installation is complete, a notification dialog box will open.
  9. Click the OK button to close the notification dialog box.

During the installation process, C++test will try to create a link file in ARM’s embedded Eclipse. This file will contain the path to the C++test installation directory.

This is the only change that the C++test installation makes inside the RVDS distribution. 


After the plugin is successfully installed, you can start RVDS (with the C++test plugin installed) by launching it in the usual manner.

A C++test perspective will be available. It can be opened by choosing Window> Open Perspective> Other, then selecting the C++test perspective.


For licensing: 

  1. Choose Parasoft> Preferences.
  2. Expand Parasoft> License in the left pane.
  3. For machine-locked licenses:
    1. Contact Parasoft with your Machine ID.
    2. Enter your license expiration code and password in the Local License section of the License preferences page.
  4. For LicenseServer licenses:
    1. Select the Use LicenseServer option. The LicenseServer section of the License preferences page will become active.
    2. If the appropriate LicenseServer is not already set, select it from the Autodetected servers list and click Set. Or, manually enter your organization’s LicenseServer host (either a name or an IP address) in the Host name field, then enter your organization’s LicenseServer port in the Port number field.
    3. Indicate the license type that you want to use by selecting the appropriate option in the Edition box.
  5. Click Apply. The licensed options will be highlighted.


To uninstall the C++test RVDS plugin:

Do not uninstall the C++test plugin by removing the file If you do this, you will still need to manually remove the C++test installation, and the Windows registry’s Install Shield information will remain.