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  • XML Encryption tool: The XML Encryption tool allows you to encrypt and decrypt entire messages or parts of messages using Triple DES, AES 128, AES 192, or AES 256. In WS-Security mode, Binary Security Tokens, X509IssuerSerial, and Key Identifiers are supported.
  • XML Signer tool: The XML Signer tool allows you to digitally sign an entire message or parts of a message depending on your specific needs. In some cases it may be important to digitally sign parts of a document while encrypting other parts.
  • XML Signature Verifier tool: The XML Signature Verifier tool allows for the verification of digitally signed documents using a public/private key pair stored within a key store file.
  • Key Stores: The use of key stores in SOAtest allows you to encrypt/decrypt and digitally sign documents using public/private key pairs stored in a key store. Key stores in JKS, PEM, PKCS12, BKS, and UBER format can be used.
  • Username Tokens, SAML Tokens, X509 Tokens, or Custom Headers: SOAtest supports sending custom SOAP Headers and includes templates for Username Tokens and SAML tokens.

JCE Prerequisite

See JCE Prerequisite.


For a step-by-step demonstration of how to apply SOAtest for validating authentication, encryption, and access control, see WS-Security. This tutorial covers encryption/decryption, digital signature, and the addition of SOAP Headers.