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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space FUNCTDEV and version SVC2021.1


  • -StartServer: Starts the local Virtualize server from the command line.
  • -data: Specifies the Eclipse workspace location. If the -data option is not used, then the default workspace found under [Virtualize_workspace]\parasoft\workspace (where "Virtualize_workspace" could be C:\Users\yourname) will be used.
  • -localsettings: Controls various settings for CTP, licensing, and more. You can use the same options available across Parasoft Test products (e.g., Parasoft SOAtest). You can also use options that are specific to Virtualize and CTP. See Localsettings for details.
  • -prefs: Reads the %PREFS_URL% preference URL to import Eclipse workspace preferences.%PREFS_URL% is interpreted as a URL or the path to a local Eclipse workspace preferences file. For example:
    -prefs ""
    -prefs ""\
  • -disableEventMonitoring: Disables all event monitoring for this server.
  • -machineid: Prints the machine ID, which is used for licensing purposes. 
  •<mode>: This property sets the asynchronous processing mode. Asynchronous processing enables better concurrency when responders are configured with delays (e.g., in performance profiles). JMS, MQ and Http Listeners support asynchronous processing. You can specify the following modes:
    • ON - all requests are processed asynchronously
    • DELAY - only response that have a delay are processed asynchronously, default
    • OFF - no asynchronous processing
  • The number of worker threads for performing asynchronous processing. Default is 200