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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space CPPTDESKDEV and version 10.3.2


  1. Choose Parasoft> Preferences... > Development Testing Platform.
  2. Check Enable and enter the DTP server information:

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    You can click Test Connection to verify the settings.

  3. In the Project area, specify a project stored in DTP.

  4. The active license is displayed in the License area. Click the Configure link to configure your license settings.
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  5. In the Reports area, check Enable reporting results to DTP to enable sending static analysis findings, unit test results and coverage information to DTP.
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    (Optional) In the Advanced settings area, you can set additional properties Image Added

    You can click the Edit link to configure advanced report settings (key=value):

  6. Click Apply to save the settings.

You can configure the connection to DTP server in the command line mode. Use the -localsettings option to provide a path to a custom .properties file with DTP configuration settings:

Code Block
cpptestcli -localsettings [PATH_TO_FILE]

The following settings are required to configure the connection: 

  • dtp.enabled=true - Enables connection to DTP server
  • dtp.server=[LOCALHOST] - Specifies the host name of the DTP server
  • dtp.port=[PORT] - Specifies the port number of the DTP server. Commonly used port numbers are 443 and 8443.
  • dtp.user=[USERNAME] - Specifies the username for DTP server authentication.
  • dtp.password=[PASSWORD] - Specifies the password for DTP server authentication.
  • report.dtp.publish=true - Enables reporting results to DTP server.

Optional settings:  

  • dtp.project=[DTP Project Name] - Specifies the name of the DTP project.
  •[Build Identifier] - Specifies a build identifier used to label results.
  • session.tag=[Session Tag] - Specifies a tag for signing result from the test session.
  • dtp.additional.settings=[KEY1\=VALUE1\nKEY2\=VALUE2...] - Specifies advanced settings for reporting results to DTP.