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You can choose which attributes the DTP Findings view should display. 

  1. Open the DTP Finding View Findings view and choose Configure Contents from the menu.

  2. (Optional) You can create a profile that contains a set of properties:. Click New to add a profile; then click the profile in the Configuration table, rename it and continue to step 3. 

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  3. (Optional) By default,  the Findings option is enabled and the DTP Findings view displays findings reported by the DTP Engine. In addition, you can enable the Suppressed findings option that allows you to review the suppressed findings in the DTP Findings view (see Suppressing Findings).

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  5.  Choose a property in the Available or Selected field and click Add or Remove to include or exclude the property from the DTP Findings view. 

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  6. Click OK when finished. 
  7. If you created a new profile to view the properties, choose Show> [profile name] from the DTP Findings menu.