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Jtest DTP Engine helps you improve the quality of your tests and ensure compliance with your unit testing policy in a number of ways.

From Any Supported IDE

From any IDE, you can:

  • Check whether your tests follow unit testing best practices by running one of the preconfigured static analysis configurations designed to evaluate unit tests, such as Unit Testing Best Practices, TDD or Code Smells. See Static Analysis and Metrics for details
  • Import data from nightly build test execution to review coverage and discover recommendations for improving your tests. See Importing Unit Test Findings and Working with Unit Test Findings for details.

From Eclipse

Additionally, if you're working in Eclipse, you can also:

  • Create, analyze and enhance tests with Unit Test Assistant, which helps you create new tests, parameterize test cases, create assertions, create mocks, and collect coverage information
  • Collect and review coverage for JUnit tests you execute within the Jtest Proxy Launcher (see Executing and Collecting Coverage for JUnit Tests for details).