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You can restrict the scope of analysis to locally modified files or to files modified on the current working branch by setting up additional file filters. This allows you to focus on identifying and fixing bugs introduced by your recent code changes before the code is checked in your source control system or merged with the main development stream.


While modifying the default scope allows you to speed up analysis, it may impact violations reported by rules that require information about other resources included in the project. In particular, rules that analyze execution paths, calculate metrics, or check for duplicate code may be prone to reporting false positives or negatives if they have no access to files excluded from the scope.

For this reason, we recommend that you regularly perform full-scope analysis to ensure that all rule violations are detected. One example scenario is that a limited scope is analyzed when working with C/C++test on the desktop, while a full-scope analysis is performed during automated builds on a server.



Code Block
scope.scontrol.ref.branch=[name/ID of the custom reference branch/revision]

The scope filter settings configured in the .properties file affect all test configurations.

See Scope and Authorship Settings.