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You can configure a reference report file that will be used as a baseline when performing static analysis with C/C++test. If configured, C/C++test can identify tasks detected in the current analysis run by comparing them against the reference a baseline report. This allows you to exclude existing tasks from the current report in order to focus on most recently detected code defects.


Using the Reference Report to Filter Out Pre-existing Findings

To specify the path to the reference report and exclude pre-existing tasks from the current report:use the reference report as a baseline when performing analysis, you need to configure advanced report settings in an advanced settings file–a file that allows you to specify additional settings that cannot be configured in the regular settings used for command line testing. See Configuring an Advanced Settings File for information about creating an advanced settings file and passing its location to C/C++test.

  1. Create an advanced settings file that includes the following C/C++test's advanced settings:

    Code Block[PATH or URL]      //Specifies the path or URL to a reference report.xml file   //Enables excluding existing findings from the current report.
  2. Specify the path to the advanced settings. See Configuring an Advanced Settings File.