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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space FUNCTDEV and version SVC2020.2



Enables/disables network-based licenses.

Set to true and configure either the License Server settings ( and or the Parasoft DTP Settings to use a network license.  

Set to false  and configure the soatest.license.local.password setting to use a local license.

Example: soatest.license.use_network=true

Default: true[host]

Specifies the machine name or IP address of the machine running License Server.  Example: If your server uses the HTTPS protocol, prepend https:// to the hostname.


Specifies the License Server port number. 


Common port numbers are 8443 or 8080  for HTTP/S and 2002 (default) for TCP.[path] 

Specifies the path to the DTP License Server. The context path is a relative path from the host name specified with the setting. This setting should only be configured if DTP is deployed to a location other than the root of the host server, which may be the case if your organization uses a reverse proxy.

Configuring the context path is not supported for standalone License Server.

Refer to the DTP documentation for additional information about reverse proxy server configuration and context path configuration.[username] 

Specifies the username for authentication on the secondary DTP server specified with the and options.

This options requires the and options to be set to true.


Specifies the password for authentication on the secondary DTP server specified with the options.

This option requires the and options to be set to true and the the to be configured.

We strongly recommend encoding your password to ensure successful authentication and a secure connection. You can encode your password by running a command line instance of SOAtest with the -encodepass flag. The command line tool will generate an encoded string that you can use in the configuration file. 

See CLI Options for additional information.[true|false]

This option enables SOAtest to connect to either DTP and License Server, or two instances of DTP simultaneously.

Set to false if you want to retrieve a license from the DTP server specified with Parasoft DTP Settings

Set to true and specify a license network connection type with the setting. SOAtest will retrieve a license from the server specified with the and settings.[http|tcp]

This option specifies whether to connect to DTP/License Server over HTTP or over TCP.  HTTP over a secure port (SSL) is recommended.  

Default is http .[true|false] 

Enables or disables authentication on the secondary DTP server specified with the options.

This option requires the option to be set to true.[edition_name]

Specifies the type of license to retrieve from License Server. 

[edition_name] can be server_edition. To use a custom edition, do not set anything after the "="; simply leaving the value empty.


Default: custom_edition


Specifies the maximum number of seconds to wait for the license to be automatically configured from License Server.

Default: 20


Specifies the local password provided to you by Parasoft. 

soatest.license.wait.for.tokens.time=[time in minutes]

Specifies how long to wait for a license if a license is not currently available. 



Default: 0