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After setting up your environment as described in General Procedure of Adding an Extension_Virt, implement the following interfaces (described in the Extensibility API documentation):


You can expect a new instance of your ICustomConnection object to be created for every invocation of the test if the Keep connection alive option is not selected in the transport configuration tool’s GUI (under the connection management section). Otherwise, the same instance will be reused as the test execution flows from one test to another using this the same transport ... until a test closes the connection (If the Close connection after test execution option is selected) or until all execution is completed.

The SOAtest will always invoke the connect() method is invoked by SOAtest before before calling the ICustomTransport.invoke() . It is expected method, even when the Keep connection alive option is enabled. The expected behavior is for SOAtest to establish the transport connection within the connection object , or throw an exception if that process fails. The close() method is invoked at the end of the test execution , unless the “Keep Keep connection alive” option alive option in that test is selectedenabled.

The ICustomConnection is expected to encapsulate and carry your connection/session state, but it is not reused among multiple tests unless Keep connection alive is selected.