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You can automatically create "smart" API tests from a recorded traffic file. Smart API tests are tests that are automatically configured using the same advanced Smart Test Generator technology used in the Parasoft Recorder SOAtest Smart API Test Generator. An Advanced Test Generator license is required. See Licensing for Advanced Test Generator license options.

  1. Add a new test suite and choose Traffic> Generate Smart API Tests in the creation wizard. See Adding Projects, .tst files, and Test Suites for details on using traffic wizards.

  2. Specify the traffic file when prompted and click Finish.
    Image Removedand choose the application type when prompted. The Application type field displays configuration files stored in the <WORKSPACE>/TestAssets/test_templates directory. See Training the Smart API Test Generator for additional information about the configuration files for smart API test generation.
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  3.  Review and adjust your tests to meet your current testing goals.