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  1. Verify that Selenic can send results to DTP. See Reporting Results to DTP.
  2. Verify that DTP is integrated with a supported ALM. Refer to the Parasoft DTP documentation for details. 
  3. Create work items (e.g., user stories, tasks, tests, etc.) in your ALM. Refer to your ALM documentation or ALM administrator for details.
  4. Test traceability is enabled by annotating your Selenium tests with tags that correlate them with a work item in your ALM. To use annotations, the Parasoft Annotations Maven dependency must be added to your project. The dependency is included when creating projects with Selenic (see Creating Selenium Test Projects from Recorded Actions). For existing projects, add the dependency to your project pom.xml file:


Viewing Results

Refer to the Parasoft DTP documentation for information about viewing test data in DTP dashboards and widgets.