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If you have a custom build system (for example, Makefile-based), you can streamline the process of configuring build settings by using C++test’s cpptestscan utility, which collects information about your build process. You can then point C++test to the generated "build data file" to configure build settings, as described in Use options from a build data file.

titleProper Compiler Configuration is Critical

In most cases, C++test needs to invoke the compiler and linker in order to perform static analysis and runtime testing tasks, which commonly involve preprocessing, compiling, and linking programs.
To access C++test’s full functionality, the machine where C++test is run must have the complete development environment and compiler tool chain.

About Build Data


Files (.bdf)

Build information, such as the working directory, command line options for the compilation, and link processes of the original build, are stored in a file called the build data file. The following example is a fragment from a build data file: