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  • Enter them manually in a simple text file simple text file. There are no name or location requirements.
  • Export your GUI preferences as described in Exporting GUI Preferences to a localsettings File then adjust or extend them as needed.

    titleCreating a Local Settings (Options) File by Exporting Your GUI Preferences

    The fastest and easiest way to create options files is to export your Preferences from the GUI.

    1. Choose Parasoft> Preferences.
    2. Select Parasoft (the root element in the left tree).
    3. Click the share link in the right side of the panel.
    4. In the dialog that opens, specify which preferences you want to export to a file.
    5. Click the Browse button, then specify the file where you want the settings saved.
    6. Click OK.
      • If you select an existing file, the settings will be appended to that file. Otherwise, a new file will be created.
      • Exported passwords will be encrypted.