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The Parasoft Security Compliance Pack is a set of artifacts for your DTP infrastructure that help you implement your software security compliance initiatives. It includes configurations that re-orient static analysis data to report violations according to security compliance standards. It also includes widgets for viewing your security compliance status and custom compliance DTP dashboards for monitoring the progress toward your overall security compliance goals. The Security Compliance Pack supports the following standards by default:

  • CERT C
  • CERT C++
  • CWE Top 25 CWE List Version 24.110
  • CWE List Version 3.1
  • CWE List Version 3.2
  • Top 25 
  • CWE Top 25 + On the Cusp
  • UL 2900CWE List Version 3.4
  • OWASP Top 10
  • PCI DSS 3.2

Read the Security Compliance Pack documentation for installation and usage instructions.