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  1. Open the License Server home page.
  2. Choose General> License Server Configuration and configure the settings.

The following settings are available:

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License Server Port

Displayed by default after the default installation. 

You must restart services if you change the port. See Starting DTP Services.

You can disable access to the port if are not using Licenser Server in your organization. See Disabling the License Server Port.

Clients should start deactivatedEnabling this option forces connected Parasoft tools to start deactivated. See the Parasoft tool documentation settings for additional information.
Concurrent connections limitThis option sets maximum number of tool requests (connections to License Server) that can be processed concurrently. By default, it is set to 100.
Log cleaningSpecify how many days logs are stored before automatically being removed from database.
Use log files from the locationSpecifies where access logs are stored. The default path is recommended. If you reconfigured the log file access location, specify that path to point License Server appropriately. This allows License Server to remove old logs.