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This topic helps you troubleshoot problems you might experience with C++test.

What Do I Do If C++test Runs Out of Memory?

You cancustomize the amount of allocated memory with the CPPTEST_ENGINE_EXTRA_ARGS option by specifying the value of the -Xmx setting. This may be particularly useful for when you perform static analysis or report results to DTP. See Configuring Advanced Options for details.

How do I analyze header_files
How do I analyze header_files
How do I analyze header files/what files are analyzed?  

C++test analyzes C/C++ source files directly and header files indirectly. Based on the current selection, C++test will analyze all C/C++ source files and report violations for all source and header files from the selection (only for header files included by the source files).

For example:

  • if the project root is selected, then all source files (and header files indirectly) will be analyzed.
  • if a single source file is selected, then only that file will be analyzed (no header files will be analyzed).
  • if single source file and a single header file is selected, then the source file (and header file if it's included by the source) will be analyzed.
  • if only a header file is selected, then C++test will skip the analysis (header files are not analyzed directly).

How can I create a report with a list of active coding standard rules?

When generating a report, specify a report configuration file that contains the following entry:

How can I  modify the verbosity level of the C++test Console?

Choose Parasoft> Preferences, select  Console, then select the desired verbosity level (High, Normal, Low).


 High VerbosityNormal VerbosityLow Verbosity

Basic info about the current step’s name and status (done, failed, up-to-date)







Command LinesYesYesNo
Violations printed out during static analysis and unit testing execution


Yes, full-format


Yes, short-format



How can I import C++test 6.x Test Configurations?

Migrating from C++test_6.x
Migrating from C++test_6.x
See Migrating test assets from C++test 6.x.

If I’m having problems, what information should I send to the  C++test support team?

See Contacting Parasoft Technical Support.