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You can configure metrics using Metrics tab in the DTP test configuration interface. Go to DTP> Report Center> Test Configurations and select  

  1. In DTP, choose Test Configurations from the gear icon menu.
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  2. Click on a test configuration


  1. and click


  1. the Metrics


  1.  tab to customize metrics and view metrics documentation.


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See the Development Testing Platform manual for details. 

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Setting Metrics Thresholds


The Metrics test configuration shipped with C++test includes default threshold values. There are some rules, such as Number of Files (METRIC.NOF), for which thresholds cannot be set. 
Metric thresholds can be set using the following methods: 

  • By using the test configuration interface in DTP.
  • By manually editing the test configuration file:
    1. Go to Parasoft> Test Configurations> Builtin, right-click a selected test configuration and choose Export... to save the configuration as a .properties file.
    2. Open the exported .properties file in an editor and set the [METRIC.ID].ThresholdEnabled property to true.
    3. Configure the lower and upper boundaries in the [METRIC.ID].Threshold property according to the following format: 

    [METRIC.ID].Threshold=l [lower boundary value] g [upper boundary value]

    4. Save the file and go to Parasoft> Test Configurations.

    5. Right-click the User-defined folder, choose the Import... option,  browse for the modified test configuration file and click Open.