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  1. For runtime testing, increase "Stack/Heap" in EW project options to at least 2048(800h)/ 1280(500h) respectively to allow for testing overheads. For EW430 projects that use the 430X core and medium or large data model, the values should be at least 4096(1000h) for stack and 2048(800h)/4096(1000h) for the heaps.
  2. Start console.
  3. Set the compiler toolchain on PATH (as for C++test; 'cspybat' on PATH & EW_DIR envar aren't needed).
  4. Set the C++test install directory on PATH.
  5. CD to the project's directory.
  6. Run the following command:

cpptesttrace --cpptesttraceProjectName=<prj_name> --cpptesttraceResponseFileOption=-f --cpptesttraceOutputFile=<prj_dir>\<prj_name>.bdf 
iarbuild <prj_name>.ewp -build <EW_project_config_name>

Use an EW project configuration name (e.g., DebugReleaseDebugRunFromFlash, etc.)  for the -build argument.


You may also use -log all after the -build flag to show detailed build progress information. The -log all option is an iarbuild option.

Import BDF file into C++test

  1. Start console (or reuse this for BDF generation).
  2. Set environment for the appropriate toolchain as described in the documentation (executables on PATH, EW_DIR envar).
  3. Start C++test.
  4. Follow steps of importing the BDF file described in documentation (see Importing project using Build Data File with the GUI wizard).
  5. Confirm project settings correctness in Properties> Parasoft> C++test> Build Settings.