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This topic explains how to import results into the IDE from Development Testing PlatformDTP, Team Server or an XML file. Choose Parasoft> Import to specify where you want to import findings from. You can also import findings from the Quality Tasks view menu or use the Import from DTP  toolbar button:



You need to ensure that:

  • The DTP filter is configured, see Configuring Import Options. If you cannot choose a filter from the filter configuration drop-down menu, verify that you have appropriate access in DTP (see "Project Creation and Configuration" in the DTP documentation for additional information).


Choose Parasoft> Explore> Report Center Reports or open the reports as described in your Development Testing Platform your DTP User’s Guide.

Importing Findings from a File


  • Rerun the tests to update the results stored on Team Server
  • Enable the following setting on each connected team machine: Parasoft> Preferences> Quality Tasks> Revalidate tasks' suppressions and reassigns on startup or import.





titleWhat tasks are recommended?

In determining which tasks to recommend, C++test considers:

  • The severity of the issues reported (more severe violations are given priority).
  • The time when the file was modified (more recent modifications are given priority because they will be fresh in the developer’s mind).
  • Whether there are other issues reported for the same file (files with multiple violations are given priority because the developer will need to perform less testing this way — if you made 8 total corrections within 2 files, you would have to test only 2 files, but if you made 8 total corrections within 8 different files, you would have to test 8 files).