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The Parasoft menu provides the following commands:

  • Test Using [Favorite Configuration]: Starts a test using the Test Configuration currently set as the Favorite Test Configuration.
  • Test History: Starts a test based on the selected Test Configuration. Only the most recently-run Test Configurations are listed here.
  • Test Using: Starts a test based on the selected Test Configuration. All available Test Configurations are listed here.
  • Test Configurations: Opens the Test Configuration dialog, which lets you view, modify, and create Test Configurations. See Configuring Test Configurations and Rules for Policies for details.

  • Launch RuleWizard: Opens RuleWizard, a tool for graphically or automatically creating custom static code analysis rules. See the Parasoft RuleWizard User’s Guide for details.
  • Explore> Team Server: Opens the Team Server browser dialog, which allows you to access, configure, and update the Test Configurations, rules, rule mapping files, and reports available on Team Server.
  • Explore> Team Server Reports: Opens the report files that are available on Parasoft Team Server. 
  • Explore> Report Center Reports: Opens Parasoft DTP reports.
  • Import: Imports the selected category of results that are available on Parasoft Team Server. See Importing Results into the UI for details.
  • Show View: Opens GUI elements (such as the Quality Tasks view or Suppressions view) which are not currently visible. See Views for details.
  • Preferences: Opens the Preferences dialog. See C++test Configuring Overview for details.
  • Wizards: For C++test Visual Studio only, provides access to wizards that help you perform C++test operations such as adding test suites, adding user-defined stubs, importing C++test 6.x test cases and stubs, etc.
  • Test suite: For C++test Visual Studio only,  allows you to add, remove, enable, and disable test cases.
  • Support: Provides several ways to contact the support team.
  • Help: Opens the current User’s Guide in the online help system and provides access to related Parasoft User’s Guides.
  • Deactivate | Activate License: Deactivates/activates a Parasoft LicenseServer license. See Licensing for details.