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Here are the known limitations of Parasoft Jtest:

  • Creating unit tests with Unit Test Assistant for large projects may require a lot of memory. If the selected file scope is too large, the memory consumption may exceed the limit of memory allocated to Eclipse.

  • Running static analysis may require additional memory allocation.
  • Test Impact Analysis for JUnit 5 requires additional dependencies, including JUnit 4. This limitation is caused by a known issue in the JUnit 5 framework where test suites must be executed by a different test engine that requires dependencies that may not be configured within the project (see This means that Test Impact Analysis, which depends on test suites for collecting test cases affected by code changes, is unable to re-run affected JUnit 5 tests if the required dependencies are missing. As a workaround, Jtest automatically updates your project with a container that includes additional dependencies when affected tests cases are re-run.