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  1. Enable the connection by configuring the following settings:

    - jtest.license.use_network=true

  2. Configure the following settings to use a license from a standalone License Server or from another DTP:
    -<hostname where DTP is deployed>

    -<port number for your DTP server> – commonly, a HTTPS port, for example 443 or 8443
    -<username for DTP authentication><password for DTP authentication>

    License Server:
    -<hostname where License Server is deployed> – commonly, a Tomcat HTTP port, for example 8080
    -<port number for your License Server> – commonly, a Tomcat HTTP port, for example 8080
    (info) If your server uses the HTTPS protocol, precede the hostname with https://.


If you are using a local license, you will need your machine ID to request a password from Parasoft. Run the following command from the command line to obtain your machine ID: 

Code Block
jtestcli -machineID
titleMachine ID for Cloud Environments

If you are using Azure or AWS services, you need to configure the cloudvm option in the .properties configuration file to ensure that your machine ID is properly calculated. You can set the option to one of the following values:

  • azure - Enables integration with Azure
  • aws - Enables integration with AWS
  • true - Enables integration with the automatically detected cloud computing platform
  • false - Disables integration (the default value)

If you set the value to false or if the option is not configured, integration with Azure or AWS is disabled.