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  • Run cpptestcli
     with the -config switch and specify a built-in, user-defined or  DTP-hosted  test configuration:

    Code Block
    -config "builtin://Recommended Rules"
    -config "user://Foo Configuration"
    -config "dtp://Foo Team Configuration" 
    -config "dtp://"

    (info)Alternatively, you can add the prefix of the Parasoft tool you are using to specify a DTP-hosted test configuration:

    -config "c++test.dtp://Foo Team Configuration" 

    You can also provide a path or URL to the test configuration .properties file:

    Code Block
    -config "C:\Devel\Configs\"
    -config ""

    For example, your command line may resemble the following:

    Code Block
    cpptestcli -config "builtin://Recommended Rules" -compiler gcc_3_4 -input cpptest.bdf
  • In the .properties file, specify the default configuration that will be run when the -config option is not used:

    Code Block
    cpptest.configuration=user://Configuration Name

Viewing Available Test Configurations


Built-in Test ConfigurationDescription
CoverageGenerates the code coverage report.
GoogleTestAnalyzes Google Test unit test results.
Unit TestingAnalyzes CppUnit or CppUTest test results collected with C/C++test's connector (see Integrating with CppUnit and CppUtest)