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 You can also create a custom .properties file and pass it to thedottestcliwith the -settings switch.  You can use the -settings switch multiple times to specify several .properties files. Entries with the same key will be overwritten.

Code Block
dottestcli.exe -solution "C:\Devel\FooSolution\FooSolution.sln" -settings "C:\Devel\Settings\" -settings "C:\Devel\Settings\"
titleFile path convention on Windows

Use double backslashes to specify file paths in the .properties file on Windows. For example:


titleConfiguring passwords

We highly recommend that you use encoded passwords to ensure successful authentication and increase the level of security; see Creating an Encoded Password.

Settings Hierarchy

General settings are applied in the following order: 

  1. [INSTALL_DIR]/etc/ the base configuration file that should not be modified.
  2. [INSTALL_DIR]/ the main configuration file you can use to specify your settings that map contains templates for commonly used settings (license, reporting etc.).
  3. Custom settings passed with the command line switch -settings path/to/ (e.g., -settings "../").
  4. Custom settings passed with the command line switch -property [key=value] (e.g. -property "report.mail.enabled=true").

All of the above settings can be overridden by custom settings that are passed with command line switches (e.g. -report, -config).If you have dotTest 9.5 or later, settings can be prepared in Visual Studio and exported to a *.properties file.

Viewing Current Settings