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A filter represents a set of run configurations that enable custom views of the data stored in DTP (see DTP Concepts). Filters are tied to show a subset of data that is associated with projects in the database and can be used in Report Center dashboards. Additionally, many of the . Many DTP REST API services use filter IDs as parametersrequire the filter ID to be specified when calling an endpoint.

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A filter is automatically created when a new project is added to DTP, but you can create custom additional filters to create different facilitate custom views of the data associated with the project.

  1. Choose Report Center Settings from the settings menu (cog icon).

  2. Click Create Filter and enter Choose Filter from the Administration menu and click Create Filter.
  3. Enter a name for the filter .Choose a project and choose a project from the Associated Project drop-down menu and click Create.
  4. Click Create to add the filter.

    You can still change the filter settings when the Create Filter dialog closes.

  5. Excerpt

    You can configure how coverage images and run configurations are added by choosing a setting from the Automatic Association of New Data drop-down menu.

    • Choose Associated Projects to automatically associate data from the associated project with the filter. 
    • Choose All Projects to automatically associate data from all projects with the filter. 
    • Choose None to disable the automatic association of data.