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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space FUNCTDEV and version SOAVIRT_9.10.8_CTP_3.1.4


  1. Run the Parasoft Recorder installer for your platform: parasoft_recorder_<version>_win32.exe for Windows or parasoft_recorder_<version>_macos.dmg for installation on Mac OS. For Mac OS, double-click the Parasoft Recorder.pkg once the installer is mounted.
  2. Accept the license agreement when prompted.
  3. Choose an installation location when prompted. Default is C:\Program Files\Parasoft\Parasoft Recorder on Windows and /Applications/Parasoft on Mac OS.
  4. If you are on Windows, the installer will prompt you to install the SOAtest Web Proxy as a Windows service. This enables you to control the proxy using Windows services. The default port is 40090. Choose Yes and click Next.
  5. Choose Yes and click Next when prompted to install the Parasoft Recorder Chrome Extension. An Internet connection with access to the Google Chrome store is required.
  6. If you are on Mac OS, the installer will prompt you to confirm that you want to start the web proxy after installation, as well as start the proxy every time you log into the installation machine. The default port is 40090. Enable both options and click Continue. The web proxy must be running to use generate Smart tests in SOAtest. You can disable automatic startup later.
  7. Click Install to finish.
  8. The installer will look for the Parasoft Web Root Certificate Authority (CA) and prompt you to install the CA if it cannot be found. The CA is normally installed as part of a normal SOAtest or Virtualize desktop installation and is required for recording traffic over SSL (see Installation). Confirm that you want to install the CA if prompted and continue.   
  9. Open your Chrome browser and enter chrome://extensions in the the address bar. 
  10. Click the slider to enable the plug-in.