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  1. Choose Report Center Settings from the DTP settings (gear icon) menu.
  2. Click Filters and locate your DTP project. By default, a filter is created in DTP for each project. The filter has the same name of the project.
  3. Click on the filter and verify that the appropriate run configurations have been added to the filter. A run configuration is a set of metadata about test and analysis executions that enable DTP to make the correct correlations for accurate reporting. If Jtest/dotTEST is configured to report to the project associated with the filter, then the run configurations will automatically be added to the filter by default.
  4. In the Coverage Images section, rename one of the image indexes to Application Coverage  and choose the coverage image tag you specified from the Coverage Image drop-down menu. 

    You can include additional coverage images if you want to view all of your coverage data in one interface. 
    Changes are automatically saved.
  5. Return to the DTP dashboard and add a coverage widget configured to show the Application Coverage coverage image.
  6. Specify the filter and build ID in the dashboard settings and the widget will show your coverage data. 

  7. You can click on the widget to view details in the Coverage Explorer view.