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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space DTPDEVEL and version 5.4.2


  • DTP and DTP Enterprise Pack 5.4.2 or later with Enterprise license.
  • A Parasoft code analysis tool with the Flow Analysis license feature enabled. See the documentation for individual artifacts for specific requirements.


A compliance pack in DTP refers to the collection of assets that are installed in DTP Enterprise Pack Parasoft's security compliance solution includes the assets installed and deployed to DTP. A compliance pack in Parasoft tools, however, is a DTP using DTP Enterprise Pack, as well as the collection of test configurations executed in Parasoft tools that check code against specific standards. The term Security Compliance Pack refers to the complete security compliance solution, but in some contexts we mean the set of test configurations in the tool UI or the collection of DTP assets.   


DTP compliance packs are optimized for use with specific versions of DTP and code analysis tools. Newer versions include updated test configurations, widgets, reports, and other enhancements. We strongly recommend upgrading your code analysis tool, DTP, and the compliance pack to the latest version to ensure full compatibility.


Although Parasoft extensions are designed to be forward compatible, they are not guaranteed to work in newer versions of DTP or Extension Designer. We strongly recommend installing the latest version of the artifact and removing the previous version. 

  1. Install Make a backup of the model/profiles associated with your security compliance artifacts. See Working with Model Profiles for instructions on how to export copies of your models and profiles. 
  2. Delete the existing models/profiles and install the newer artifact as described in Installation
  3. Un-deploy older artifact from Extension Designer by deleting its nodes and clicking Deploy
  4. Deploy the newer version. After deploying the newer artifact, you can remove the older version from Artifact Manager by clicking the delete button (trash icon). This is optional, but we recommend keeping your DTP environment organized
  5. New models and profiles are installed as part of the upgrade. Refer to your backed up models/profiles and apply any modifications you may have implemented in the previous version to the newly installed models/profiles.