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A dedicated non-root user account is recommended for installing and managing DTP on Linux. A non-root user account is required for installing and managing DTP distributions that include an embedded database server.

Solaris (SPARC only)

The following versions are supported:

  • Solaris 5.10
  • Solaris 5.11

A dedicated non-root user account for installing and managing DTP is recommended.

titleDTP Enterprise Pack is not supported on Solaris

If your DTP is installed on Solaris/Sparc, you can install the DTP Enterprise Pack on a separate Windows or Linux system. Parasoft does not support Solaris on x86 platform. Contact your sales representative or support for additional questions.

Database Requirements

DTP supports MySQL and Oracle databases:


You can customize the DTP Server ports as necessary. See Reconfiguring DTP Ports (Optional).

DTP Enterprise Pack Ports


Open File Descriptor Limit

You may run up against Linux imposes a limit imposed on Linux or Solaris platforms on the per-process number of open file descriptors . The limit per process, which affects the number of allowable concurrent open connections that DTP can safely support. If many concurrent users will interact with DTP components, such as Report Center Dashboard or REST APIs, you should increase the open file descriptor limit before starting DTP.