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  • Use the soatestcli utility, with appropriate options, to launch analysis in the command-line mode. A complete list of options is provided in CLI Options. Key options are:
    • -data: Specifies the Eclipse workspace location. If the -data option is not used, then the default workspace found under [SOAtest_workspace]\parasoft\workspace (where "SOAtest_workspace" could be C:\Users\yourname) will be used.
    • -config: Specifies the Test Configuration you want to run.
    • -resource: Specifies the test suite(s) to run. To run a single test suite, specify the path to <test suite name.tst> relative to the workspace. To run multiple test suites, use multiple -resource parameters—in the order in which you want the tests run. To run all test suites within a directory, specify the directory path relative to the workspace.
    • -publish: Publishes test results to DTP.
    • -publishteamserver: Publishes test results to Team Server (for backward compatibility).
    • -report: Generates a Specifies the location of a the test execution report.
    • -localsettings: Passes advanced settings for Team Server/Report Center/mail reportinglocalsettings: Specifies a .properties file that contains advanced configuration settings. Options are described in Local Settings Files - Options.