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Test Creation Properties

You can determine how the recorder generates tests by defining set properties in the configuration file . The to configure how the recorder generates tests. SOAtest and Parasoft Recorder both install an instance of the file. By default, the file used by default is located in the SOAtest installed by SOAtest is used. The SOAtest instance of the file is deployed to the workspace under the TestAssets folder. All web proxies that connect to the SOAtest server will use the settings configured in this file.  An instance of the

The file also ships shipped with the web proxy Parasoft Recorder is installed on a local machine. You can configure the settings in the local file to override settings configured in the file on the SOAtest server by setting the useServerSettings property to false. If you want to use the local settings, make sure that the file is in the same directory as the com.parasoft.traffic.proxy.jar file so that it can automatically be read during test creation.