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  • You must be in the C/C++ or C++test perspective in order to run tests.
  • Before you can test code with C++test, it must be added to a C++test project. For instructions on creating a new project, see Creating a Project.
  • Before you perform the initial test, you need to review and project options then modify them if needed. For details on how to do this, see Setting Project and File Options.
  • We recommend that you prepare a customized Test Configuration before you perform tests. This procedure is the same across Parasoft Test family products. For details, ; see Configuring Test Configurations and Rules for Policies.
  • We also recommend that you configure Parasoft Test C/C++test preferences (for Team Server, task assignment, reporting, etc.) as described in the  before you start testing; see C++test Configuration Overview before you start testing.

If you want to exclude designated project resources from the test or test only a designated subset of project resources, you must indicate that before starting the test. See Testing a User-Defined Set of Resources for details.