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Test configurations define how your code is analyzed and tested, including which static analysis rules are enabled, which tests to run, and other analysis parameters.C/C++test ships with built-in test configurations, but users can create and store their own test configurations in the DTP server . You can access the DTP server via the DTP plug-in. If you have administrator-level access in DTP Report Center, you can also create test configurations directly in DTP (administration> Engines> Test Configurations). (see the DTP documentation for details).

User-defined test configurations that are stored in DTP can be downloaded from the DTP server and stored in the [INSTALL_DIR]/configs/user directory as *.properties files. 


Compliance Packs
Compliance Packs
Compliance Packs

Compliance Packs include test configurations tailored for particular compliance domains to help you enforce industry-specific compliance standards and practices.

(info) Compliance Packs require dedicated license features to be activated. Contact Parasoft Support for more details on Compliance Packs licensing.

Aerospace Pack

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