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The following updates have been made to the Parasoft Findings Plug-in for Jenkins:


  • Updated to Parasoft Services 10.5.0.

  • Fixed issue with formatting rule documentation when OWASP Markup Formatter 2.x is installed


  • Added support for Warnings Next Generation 8.x.
  • Updated Parasoft Services to 10.4.4.


  • Fixed showing rules' documentation.
  • Added support for Warnings Next Generation 6.x.


10.4.2 implements a new method for configuring how static analysis findings are published. The new implementation is not compatible with 10.4.1 or older, so you will need to re-apply configurations after updating to 10.4.2. Refer to Upgrading to 10.4.2 for additional information. The change only applies to static analysis findings–the implementation for publishing unit test results is not affected.