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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space INSDEVEL and version 7.5.2


  • Line 2: Source line at which the problem was detected.
  • Line 3: Description of the problem.
  • Line 4: Schematic showing the relative layout in memory of the block and the corrupted guard zone.
  • Line 7: Range of corrupted memory showing the guard zone, the expected memory pattern, and the pattern that was found instead.
  • Line 11: The memory block that is most likely the one that has been corrupted and the stack trace of its allocation.
  • Line 15: The stack trace where the memory was freed, (may or may not be present).
  • Line 18: The stack trace showing the call sequence to the error.
  • Line 21: Informational message indicating that a serious error has occurred, which may cause the program to crash.