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  1. Download and install the Security Compliance Pack (security-compliance-<version>.zip) into your DTP environment. Installing the package adds several files that configure DTP to report code analysis violations according the supported security standards. 
  2. Use DTP Extension Designer to deploy the compliance artifact(s) you want to analyze code against. 
  3. Connect an instance of your tool (i.e., C/C++test, dotTEST, Jtest) to DTP and analyze the project using one of the security standard test configurations shipped with the tool. See the documentation for your tool for static analysis execution instructions.
  4. Add the security compliance dashboard(s) and widgets to DTP and configure them to view the data according to your security standard.
  5. Interact with the widgets and reports to identify code that needs to be fixed, as well as print out the reports for auditing purposes.


Parasoft will provide Parasoft provides the compliance pack as a compressed folder (.zip). Extension Designer will expand the .zip file and move the contents to the appropriate location when uploaded. The following process is also described in the Downloading and Installing Artifacts section: