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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space FUNCTDEV and version SOAVIRT_9.10.6_CTP_3.1.2


CriteriaRecords Added
fixedCountThe "Record count" option determines the number of records.
greedyExactly one record is added.
xpathThe XPath is evaluated when generating the XML. Another record is added if the XPath evaluates to true.  Virtualize always adds at least one record, and—in the unlikely event that the XPath evaluates to true many times—never adds more than 1000 records.  (Because of these restrictions on the number of records added, there is the small chance that using XPath criteria will result in sample XML that will not convert to fixed length data without modification.)


Fields are filled with default values. Integer and decimal fields are set to the number 1. String fields are set to the value a. Virtualize uses this arbitrary value rather than no value (the empty string) to clarify where each field begins and ends if you convert the sample XML to fixed length format.