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After you have implemented the necessary classes, define parasoft-extension.xml (introduced in General Procedure of Adding an Extension) as follows:

Code Block
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<extension xmlns="urn:com/parasoft/extensibility-framework/extension"
	name='The name of your transport, appears in the transports menu' description='A more detailed description'>
  <class>com.mycompany.MyTransport</class> <!-- implements ICustomTransport -->
  <form xmlns="urn:com/parasoft/extensibility-framework/gui">
	<!-- This describes the fields you wish to appear in your transport GUI --> 
	<section label="field group 1">
		<field id="key 1" label="field 1"/> 
		<field id="key 2" label="field 2"/> 
		<section label="field group 2">
		<field id="key 3" label="field 3" />
	<section label="field group 2">
		<field label="field 1" /> 


Verifying the New Transport

After Restart SOAtest after building the project as described in General Procedure of Adding an Extension, restart SOAtest. Verify that the transport name (as specified in parasoft-extension.xml) appears in the Transports menu.