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virtualize.license. use_network=true|falseDetermines whether the current installation retrieves its license from LicenseServer.

Specifies the machine name or IP address of the machine running LicenseServer Configuration Manager.


virtualize.license. network.port=[port]

Specifies the LicenseServer port number.


Specifies the type of license that you want this installation to retrieve from LicenseServer.

[edition_name] can be server_edition. To use a custom edition, do not set anything after the "="; simply leaving the value empty.


virtualize.license.autoconf.timeout=[seconds]Specifies the maximum number of seconds this installation will wait for the license to be automatically configured from LicenseServer. Default is 10.
Specifies the local license that you want this installation to use.
virtualize.license. local.password=[password]Specifies the local password that you want this installation to use.
virtualize.wait.for.tokens.time=[time in minutes]

Specifies the time that this installation will wait for a license if a license is not currently available. 

For example to make it  wait 3 minutes for license tokens, use virtualize.wait.for.tokens.time=3 to configure Virtualize to wait three minutes for a license token to become available.

See Manually Adding the License to localsetttings for additional notes and examples.