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Another way to parameterize tools is with values stored in a data source. Data sources are added at the Responder suite or action suite level and saved in .pva files or .pvn files. You can specify any number of data sources for a Responder suite or Action suite, and you can use any specified data sources throughout a Responder suite’s tools or Action suite’s tools.

In addition, you can create an aggregate data source in which you can combine the values of other available data sources into a single data source.

Virtualize can parameterize tools with values from any of the following types of data sources:


titleTip- Generating a Data Source Template for Populating Message Elements

Manually creating a data source for parameterizing large, complex XML messages can be time-consuming and tedious.

For a fast way to accomplish this, have Virtualize automatically generate a CSV data source template based on the structure of the request or response message that you want to parameterize. Columns in the generated data source are automatically mapped to the appropriate elements in the request or response message. The only thing you need to do is add values to the generated data source template.

For details, see Generating a Data Source Template for Populating Message Elements 1.

titleWant to dynamically specify different data sources for the same tool?

You can achieve this with data groups. See below for details.