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Use the -help command line switch:

Code Block
dottestcli.exe -help

Why is dotTEST unable to find build artifacts in Visual Studio 2017 when Lightweight Solution Load is enabled?


Some machine setups may fail to provide dotTEST with the path to Visual Studio and its version, which prevents dotTEST form from opening and analyzing projects. In such a case, you may need to manually set the following environment variables:


How can I work with dotTEST via proxy?

Typically, if you connect through a proxy server, you need to configure the connection by passing protocol-specific system properties to the JVM – using the -D command line option.

To work with dotTEST, ensure that the system properties for the HTTPS protocol (https.proxyHost and https.proxyPort) are configured. Your command line may resemble the following:


Why are suppressions of some rules no longer available on DTP after dotTEST was upgraded to a newer version?

Suppressions associated with rules whose messages changed between releases may not be available on DTP and the rules must be re-suppressed.

(info) You can restore legacy messages for BD category rules in version 10.4.1 and later by configuring the following settings in your .properties file: flowanalysis.legacy.messages.for.<rule_ID>=true.