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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space ENGINES1031 and version 10.4.1


  1. Choose Parasoft> Show View> Coverage from the main menu.
  2. Click the coverage drop down menu.

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  3. Choose your options for viewing coverage information:

    Import fromsee Importing Coverage for more information about importing coverage.
    Sort byYou can sort by file name or percentage of coverage in ascending or descending order.
    Merge coverageEnabling this option combines coverage information when additional coverage data is imported; disabling this option clears the coverage view and replaces it with the new data.

  4. Import coverage data from an XML file or from DTP (see Importing Coverage). The Coverage view will show the percentage of coverage, as well as how many lines of code are covered with tests of the available lines in the file.

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  5. Click a file to view the classes in the file.

  6. Click a class to open it in the editor and display the methods.

  7. Click a method to view it in the editor with color-coded markers that indicate coverage.

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  • Covered lines are flagged with a green marker.
  • Code that is not covered is flagged with a red marker.