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    • Size of recently run test configurations: Determines the number of Test Configurations available in the Parasoft> Test History menu.
    • Custom directories: Indicates where user-defined Test Configurations and  custom directories (e.g., for user rules, embedded cross-compilers, etc.) are saved.
    • Run configuration on save: Tells the product to automatically run the specified Test Configuration each time a source file is saved. This enables fully-automated continuous desktop analysis.


Specifies settings for the Console view.


The following variables can be used in reports, e-mail, Project Center, Team Server, and license settings. Note that the session tag value can't contain any ':' characters.

titleUsing Variable Assist

For help specifying variables, you can use the variable assist feature, which automatically proposes possible variables when you type $. For example:

Image Modified

Image Modified

example: ${env_var:HOME}
Outputs the value of the environmental variable specified after the colon.


  • Provide the<username> switch to the Java Virtual Machine

Note that this configuration is the equivalent to modifying the User name setting at the top level of the Preferences UI.