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[product].license. use_network=true|false

Determines whether the current Parasoft Test product retrieves its license from LicenseServer.

Be sure to replace [product] with the name for the appropriate Parasoft Test product (for example, jtest, cpptest, dottest, soatest).

Example: jtest.license.use_network=true

Default: true


Specifies the machine name or IP address of the machine running LicenseServer Configuration Manager. 


[product].license. network.port=[port]

Specifies the LicenseServer port number. 


Default: 2002


Specifies the type of license that you want this Parasoft Test product to retrieve from LicenseServer. 

[edition_name] can be server_edition. To use a custom edition, do not set anything after the "="; simply leaving the value empty.


Default: custom_edition

[product].license. autoconf.timeout=[seconds]

Specifies the maximum number of seconds the Parasoft Test product will  wait for the license to be automatically configured from LicenseServer.

Default: 20


Specifies the local license that you want this Parasoft Test product to use.

Default: 0

[product].license. local.password=[password]Specifies the local password that you want this Parasoft Test product  to use. 
[product].license.wait.for.tokens.time=[time in minutes]

Specifies the time that this Parasoft Test product will wait for a license if a license is not currently available. 

For example to make C++test  wait 3 minutes for license tokens, use cpptest.wait.for.tokens.time=3.

Default: 0


Serena Dimensions Repository Definition Properties

titleLinux Configuration Note

To use Serena Dimensions, Linux users should run Parasoft Test in an environment prepared for using Serena programs, such as 'dmcli'

  • LD_LIBRARY_PATH should contain the path to <SERENA Install Dir>/libs.
  • DM_HOME should be specified.
scontrol.rep.type=serenaSerena Dimensions repository type identifier. 
scontrol.serena.dmroot=Path to  the Serena Dimensions executable (e.g., scontrol.serena.dmroot=C\:\\Program Files (x86)\\Serena\\Dimensions 2009 R2\\CM\\)
scontrol.rep.serena.login=Login name.
scontrol.rep.serena.password=Password. Dimensions server host name.
scontrol.rep.serena.dbname=Name of the database for the product you are working with.
scontrol.rep.serena.dbconn=Connection string for that database.
scontrol.rep.serena.locale=The  language used (e.g., scontrol.rep.serena.locale=en_US).

If the project has been downloaded/moved to a location other than default work area, use this option to specify a mapping between the project (or stream) with the Serena repository and the local project.

If you are working in the default work area, you do not need to define mappings.