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Run the parasoft_soatest_smart_api_test_generator_<version>_win32.exe file for installation on Windows . Follow the wizard or the parasoft_soatest_smart_api_test_generator_<version>_macos.dmg for installation on Mac OS. If Mac OS can not run the .dmg for security reasons, right-click the file and choose Open With> Installer. 

Follow the wizard for your OS to complete the installation. See Manual Installation if you are on Mac OS or if you experience issues using the installer.   

During Windows installation, you will be prompted to install the Parasoft SOAtest Web Proxy as a Windows service. This enables you to start and stop the proxy using the services console under the Windows Control Panel, as well as use the SOAtest Web Proxy console in the Windows Start menu (see Starting the Web Proxy). You can also manually start the proxy by running the executable JAR file (see Manually Starting the Web Proxy).

The Windows and Mac installer will also prompt you to install the SOAtest Traffic Recorder from the Google Chrome store (Windows shown). See Manual Installation if access to the Google Chrome store is prohibited or if you experience issues using the installer.   


The installer will prompt you to install the Parasoft Root Certificate Authority if it is not detected. The CA is required to record traffic over HTTPS. The CA is normally installed along with the SOAtest/Virtualize desktop application. You can also add the CA manually (see Installing the Parasoft Root Certificate Authority).

During installation on Mac OS, you can enable the web proxy to automatically start whenever you log into the machine.

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You can enable or disable automatic start up for the web proxy after installation by in the System Preferences>  Users & Groups> Login Items settings.

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titleViewing the Developer ID Certificate Authority

You can click the padlock icon to view the Apple developer ID certificate authority (CA). The certificate identifies Parasoft as a trusted source of software for Apple devices.

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After the installer finishes, you will be prompted to enable the extension when you launch Chrome. 

titleDo not to click Remove from Chrome.

This action will uninstall and blacklist the extension. As a result, you will not be able to install or update the extension automatically.


The installer will prompt you to start the Parasoft SOAtest Web Proxy when the installation completes. If you choose to finish the installation without starting the proxy, see Starting the Web Proxy for instructions on starting the proxy on demand. If the proxy is running, see Using the Browser Extension for next steps. The SOAtest server must be running before you can use the extension.

Uninstalling the SOAtest Smart API Test Generator

Use the regular Windows program uninstaller in the control panel to fully uninstall the tool. The Mac OS installer ships with an Uninstall SOAtest Smart API Test Generator utility that you can run if you wish to completely uninstall the tool. The Mac OS utility will be located in your Applications/Parasoft folder.

Manual Installation

The following instructions describe how to manually install the SOAtest Smart API Test Generator components if you are unable to use the Windows installer.


Open the console and click Stop to shutdown the proxy.  

On Mac OS, the web proxy will be located in your Applications/Parasoft folder.

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Manually Starting the Web Proxy