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test assets

This topic introduces You can use the Parasoft REST API , which  allows you to remotely create and update 


virtual assets


 create and update virtual assets, as well as create, update, and execute test assets, directly on the Parasoft server. This enables third-party integrations, custom programmatic interactions, and access via additional user interfaces such as Parasoft CTP.

Sections include:

Table of Contents

Related APIs

The REST API covered in this topic focuses on operations associated with creating and updating virtual and test assets. Virtualize and SOAtest also includes a SOAP-based API that focuses on the management, execution, and deployment of virtual and test assets. 


See Testing from the Web Service Interface and Managing Virtualize Servers Through the Web Service Interface

 for more information about the SOAP-based API.


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Product: (SOAVirt, SOAtest)
Product: (SOAVirt, SOAtest)
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  • The SOAtest server must be running